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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lend a helping hand

Sorry for the lapse in time between posts.
Usually while on site in Cameroon , things tend to be a little slow. But we are back on track and moving right along. while in Cameroon this past few months , a lot of work was done and I was also able to visit a new Orphanage with not many children. They need help at this location just the same.
The orphanage is called Destitute children's home in Idenau, Southwest Province of Cameroon.
Foadac was able to visit this establishment and made donations of clothing and other supplies. Clothing and other school supplies was also received by Kai Orphanage in Mbengwi-Bamenda. Dr. Michael Agbor was on hand to receive supplies for the kids at his orphanage.
Transportation of supplies for these kids is an uphill task to complete. With the help of our donors we have been able to achieve quite a bit though there is always an ongoing need. Your generous donations are welcome . Don't forget to visit our website at www.foadac.org to lend a helping a hand.
Thank you

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Creating Awareness in the world of Philanthropy

This industry is alive and well and the people needing help are increasing daily. Philanthropy is a structured industry made up of individuals with their own ambitions and missions. Nonetheless there are several challenges we have to face in order to continue support for those in need . While attending a conference last month at the Cameroon American Council we agreed that if we all come together as cameroonians with the same vision we can better serve the less fortunate in our community.

Until next time , stay blessed

Monday, April 26, 2010

FOADAC Celebrity Virtual Telethon on KarmaloopTv.Com


April is Autism Awareness month

Thanks to science , there has been many breakthrough in the world of autism which mostly affects young children. Regular everyday kids have to struggle with this concern until adulthood. While orphaned kids have no help whatsoever, Imagine how hard it could be for them to function daily. I just wanted to bring this to the viewers attention , to keep underprivileged children with this ailment in their prayers.
Good Bless and see you next month.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Helping children in need

Together as one lets all continue to fight the good fight of helping people in need.
May God continue to watch over you and bless all your efforts.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Hello Everyone,
Another month is almost over and the year continues to roll by. In the wake of the massive earthquake in Haiti , the world saw what it means to care for people in need. The devastation was severe , the pain real and needs of people endless and overwhelming. There was massive support coming from all ends of the globe. Very impressive. God is definitely smiling as human kind is functioning according to his ways. " Love thy neighbor as thy self, Be kind to strangers ... "
My desire is to do the best I can to help orphans.I am sure we have all seen the enormous number of orphans in Haiti. I can only imagine what is going to happen to them. I urge you to pray for them and send any form of support that you can afford. Don't forget about them as the news begins to leave the media.
Foadac will continue in its mission of bringing hope to the hopeless.
Until next month , stay blessed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

December 2009 / January 2010

last year was not such a bad one . We thank God. Although I was unable to see the orphans, our very able ambassador Ms Susanna Mondoa made a visit with gifts to the children. Thanks for all your support.

January: We are still collecting clothing , school supplies and soft toys. This goes on year round. It is never too late to make a donation of any kind to support the mission. Just last week a huge amount of supplies left Los Angeles headed for the orphanage.
Also,it’s been 2wks since a massive, unimaginable disaster hit Haiti. Before too long people will start to forget or get overwhelmed with financial support demands. I hope this doesn't happen too soon. No matter how far we are from a tragedy , there is always something we can do. This is not the time to philosophize about God. It’s not the time to ask why bad things happen. Instead it’s the time to ask " what can I do to help" The smallest contributions are a big deal. God gives the strength to the weary and hope to the destitute. What happened in Haiti is heart breaking and unthinkable, but as a part of the human race we cannot ignore this. My heart is bleeding for all the people there, especially the orphans which is my soft spot !!!
FOADAC is doing its part to help

Visit us often to see your donations at work

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