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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You can make a difference where ever you are !

You can make a difference where ever you are !
This past week end we at foadac did just that. Mixing , blending and baking using healthy recipies to feed the homeless in our Baltimore community.
It was a fun activity for a great course. One should not only plan week end activities to please themselves. Sometimes just giving up a few hours of your saturday can help people in need.

Here is a note from United Way to Us (foadac)

Dear Ethel,

Thank you for volunteering at United Way of Central Maryland's “Stone Soup” event on Saturday at Our Daily Bread. What a fun and productive day!
Together, we helped our neighbors in need in Baltimore City by assembling more than 1,000 healthy cookies and enough healthy casseroles to feed more than 2,100 people facing homelessness.

The food will be distributed to the homeless community in Baltimore City. It’s not often that they will get healthy (and delicious) meals like the ones you helped make.

None of this would have been possible without your time and support!


Beth Donnelly
Special Events Manager
United Way of Central Maryland

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