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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

December 2009 / January 2010

last year was not such a bad one . We thank God. Although I was unable to see the orphans, our very able ambassador Ms Susanna Mondoa made a visit with gifts to the children. Thanks for all your support.

January: We are still collecting clothing , school supplies and soft toys. This goes on year round. It is never too late to make a donation of any kind to support the mission. Just last week a huge amount of supplies left Los Angeles headed for the orphanage.
Also,it’s been 2wks since a massive, unimaginable disaster hit Haiti. Before too long people will start to forget or get overwhelmed with financial support demands. I hope this doesn't happen too soon. No matter how far we are from a tragedy , there is always something we can do. This is not the time to philosophize about God. It’s not the time to ask why bad things happen. Instead it’s the time to ask " what can I do to help" The smallest contributions are a big deal. God gives the strength to the weary and hope to the destitute. What happened in Haiti is heart breaking and unthinkable, but as a part of the human race we cannot ignore this. My heart is bleeding for all the people there, especially the orphans which is my soft spot !!!
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