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Thursday, August 10, 2017

We are still on board !!

Thank you all my faithful readers. Very sorry for the lapse in blog information and updates.
I lost my dad a couple months and that caused me to fall behind in several of my duties.

Am back and the mission is alive and well.
A few weeks ago I listened in awe how some people talked about AIDS and how its no longer a problem, that they will choose that disease instead of Cancer. I was in dismay and couldn't believe their ignorance.

YES research has done a lot to provide regiments that care for patients such that they now live longer.
But please don't be fooled to think that the disease is gone or that its nothing to worry about.

If you take your medications you will live longer though you are still very susceptible to opportunistic ailments. When your immune system has been compromised, you are open to many other health issues , thus you are constantly taking medications , dealing with side effects and not functioning in full capacity.

Not to mention the many other issues that exist as a result of having HIV/AIDS, such as stigmatization which is still very much around despite modern technology and better knowledge of the disease.

At FOADAC we still consider this serious because it has not been eradicated yet. There are still people who are not able to get treatment and so are still dying from this infection. Though reduced , there are still newly infected folks  being recorded daily .

When there is war , there will always be casualties long after the war is over. So we will continue to support HIV/AIDS orphans and other orphans who are in need of daily life care.

Hoping that you all continue to support the cause. Please do so at  www.foadac.org

Blessings to you and yours.


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