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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Making a difference

"Women are Different: Our wold view is different. It's broader , more compassionate and more communal. We see that we're all in this together. When women choose to get involved and make a difference , we want to understand the issues first. What's happening in our community? what can we do to make a better life for all of us? How can we change the odds for families and or children who are struggling ? we want to be educated around these issues, and engage in a healthy dialogue. We want to connect with other women who also believe this is a priority" So ladies help me and encourage the men to make a difference , for it matters !


Yes we are one month into the new year and I am happy to greet you all and wish you and yours a great year. Hopefully you have had one whole month of bliss and looking forward to many more.
 This year why not be more kind , more giving and more helpful in any small way that you can.
Continue making a difference , shine your light so others can see through their darkness,

This year FOADAC remains in the business of doing just that. We encourage you to join us, by vising our website www.foadac.org
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Wishing you only the best for the rest of the year and beyond !

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