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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hope we are all doing well in the new year.
Came accross some facts that I wanted to share. 
This just might help you out there to make an attempt in helping.
Here are some reasons why you should :

In every other part of the world the number of orphans is decreasing, in Africa the numbers are increasing at an alarming rate. Here are some disturbing facts:
·         Over 30 percent of the children who die in the world are African, even though they make up only 10% of the world’s children.
·         19,000 African children die every single day
·         Over 1 million children are orphaned every year
·         There are more than 90,000 new orphans every month … more than 2,900 every single day
The numbers are staggering and the misery is unimaginable. Most of these children have been orphaned due to the AIDS pandemic, which generates more orphans than any other disease the world has ever known.
Traditional means of caring for orphans have been in place throughout sub-Saharan Africa for generations, but social and economic strains are drastically unravelling such practices. The demand for care and support is overwhelming.
Families and communities are struggling to provide for themselves, never mind taking care of orphans. Children are often raised by their grandparents, members of their extended family, or left on their own in households headed by other children.
While the physical needs of orphans, such as nutrition and health care, are the most urgent needs, the emotional impact on children who have lost a parent is also a serious concern. Having a parent become sick and die is a major trauma for any child, and affects them for the rest of their lives.
Many children die from malnutrition, lack of medical attention, or neglect. There are simply not enough resources to provide them with even the most meager necessities to survive.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hello everyone, and Happy New Year to you all.
Here we are, thankful to have seen another year. You must have experienced to good , the bad and the ugly of many years past including last year. 
The news media brings to us lots of stories of things happening all around the world. We see pain , we see suffering , sickeness , hunger and natural disasters

 " These stories, in additional to your personal stories and experiences, serve as reminders that in adversity we emerge stronger, if only we allow the spirit to triumph. This spirit recognizes only the ability to rise, not time, not years.  It remains young at heart and never sees the impossible or setbacks as life’s verdict on the will to live or effect change.

This spirit overcomes hardship and forces our instincts to react naturally in celebration. Whether in a raised tight hand fist or two asymmetrical fingers we celebrate as strong, resilient individuals, who welcome each year with a renewed determination to show compassion and invent solutions to the world’s problems.

Life events in the past year may have rendered you hopeless, discouraged, and resigned to fate.  May 2014 be your year to rise from the dungeon to the star that leads the kings and princess of the world to mangers, where they lay their gold and silver. "


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