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Friday, March 10, 2017

On the horizon this Month.

It's one thing to know about HIV, but it is another thing to see and speak with actual people living with the disease, and to hear their story.

"Every year 50,000 Americans are still diagnosed with HIV, and nearly half of them live in the South. The film tells the story of one family’s struggle with HIV. Despite facing institutional and personal obstacles every step of the way, 62-year-old Wilhemina Dixon works tirelessly to combat the stigma associated with the virus and to care for her daughter and granddaughter, both HIV-positive.
If you happen to be in Baltimore this weekend , please stop by and hear one person's great story and support the cause
This program is free with the purchase of museum admission or museum membership. You may purchase tickets at the door.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Reassurance moment !

The chance to make a difference is not just someday, it's now!
"Bill & Melinda Gates
My recent visit to the Gates foundation headquarters reminded me there is hope for humanity yet. It further strengthened my believe to help those in need, expecting nothing in return. Simply doing the best you can within your means!

Women's Day

Today is international Women's Day.
This day we promote , support , develop and encourage the girl child to succeed and be self sufficient.

Happy women's day to all the young ladies and older women out there.

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