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Friday, June 22, 2012

Reminder and Encouragement !!!

Today let’s
recognize that every minute spent doing nothing, one hundred young children are leaving
the third world disguised as babysitters or apple pickers. You know that they will
never pick apples or babysit. These are tomorrow’s mothers,and fathers forced today by economic hardship into indecency. They will end up in brothels and other industries confined to
slave labor until they loose their identity or commit suicide. Also, recognize
that for each un-empowered man or woman, there’s a child learning the ropes of
scamming and terrifying our communities.  
Let’s test our resolve to empower these young people to maximize their
potential and live their dreams. Let’s all get on the boat and set sail to the
depths of oceans of knowledge and giving.On this journey, we recognize that no
one captain knows how to maneuver the ocean currents. Therefore,  we will clasps hands, and hold on to each other
when the winds rock our boat. This is a difficult journey, but we can make it
if we all dream of bringing to the kids on the shores of desperation, the
pearls that enable them start life as responsible citizens looking out for themselves
and for posterity.

It's important that
we all band together, think of an idea and pursue it. Invest in a child, invest in a nation; Make a
difference today!

Friday, June 1, 2012

                       Their future depends on our support. Yes you can be a part of making their dreams come true.

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