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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I came across this statistics and thought it was worth sharing  , though 2years old , it shows there is a major problem that is yet to be addressed,
Sometimes just seeing these numbers , will force you think of how you can help in any small way.

Visit  www.foadac.org to make a comment , share some ideas on how to help AIDS Orphans or you can simply make a donation to support the cause.


HIV and AIDS estimates For Cameroon ( 2012 )
  • Number of people living with HIV
600,000 [550,000 - 660,000]
  • Adults aged 15 to 49 prevalence rate
4.5% [4.1% - 4.9%]
  • Adults aged 15 and up living with HIV
540,000 [500,000 - 590,000]
  • Women aged 15 and up living with HIV
310,000 [290,000 - 340,000]
  • Children aged 0 to 14 living with HIV
59,000 [51,000 - 67,000]
  • Deaths due to AIDS
35,000 [30,000 - 40,000]
  • Orphans due to AIDS aged 0 to 17
330,000 [300,000 - 380,000]

Friday, September 19, 2014

Poverty & HIV

This piece hit straight on the core of the African problem. I could not have said it any better so as to reflect the truth in community today.

" Poverty fuels the HIV epidemic due to its impact on all aspects of life, including income, housing, education,nutrition, access to health care -- and the list goes on. In the African-American communities where poverty rates are even higher, there exists a greater gap in all of these areas that fuels the inability to negotiate, feel empowered, get educated on HIV and get tested.
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Let's be real: If I can't afford my next meal or next month's rent, do you think I'm going to make a big deal about using condoms? Because the man that's taking care of me is taking care of her too. No, I have too much else to deal with.
But there is hope. Many community organizations are now targeting these communities to conduct HIV testingand connect those who test positive, or are lost to care, to medical treatment. Even though we cannot always directly impact the poverty levels in these communities, we can impact the availability of testing and education resources."

Ingrid Floyd, Executive Director, Iris House, New York

Just a thought I found

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Invisible Enemy !!

6pm national news today ; Ebola is now a national security issue. President Obama has now sent 3000 troops , medical, engineering and more to join other nations on the ground to help people in west Africa fight this invisible terror. I can only imagine how many children will die or be orphaned at the end of this . So help us God!

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