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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


"Even before the conference began, we learned about new breakthroughs that might help in the development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine. Researchers identified three antibodies that when combined provide protection against 99 percent of strands of the virus, and the primary antibody was found in a Black man.
A few days before the conference opened, President Obama released the first U.S. National HIV/AIDS Strategy. The strategy explicitly calls for focusing on the most at-risk populations including Black Americans, men who have sex with men and people living in the south and north east.
The first major story of the conference was about race, poverty and AIDS. To make sure that this story was characterized and contextualized in an accurate way, a delegation of Black journalists met with a representative of the CDC to provide a Black perspective on this study.
The third and most moving experience of this conference is the story about microbicides. This story is important for women, and it's particularly important for Black women across the Disapora and in Africa. The fact that this extremely elegant clinical trial and presentation were performed completely by South Africans exposes the lie and the stereotype that Africa can't deliver quality science."
My Thoughts:
If we are having a problems here in the US , you can only imagine that the difficulty is even more in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is hard to focus on the at risk population let alone everyone that is infected.
Yes Africa can deliver quality science and has always done so , what we lack is the resources to bring this science to the local population such that it will help reduce infection rate.
Waiting to hear some suggestions by end of Conference !


Excepts coming in now from the Black AIDS Institute , currently attending the International AIDS conference in Melbourne 

"Light at the End of the Tunnel

The evidence on AIDS has never been more compelling or more exciting. As a result of research breakthroughs, including proof that antiretroviral therapy reduces the risk of HIV transmission by 96%, we now have the tools to lay the foundation for the end of the epidemic. In the quest to end AIDS, no group has more at stake than Black America, which accounts for less than 14% of the U.S. population but for 44% of new HIV infections.
But ending AIDS won't happen with rhetoric. It requires sound action, national solidarity, the active involvement of those most affected, a commitment to results, and a willingness to let evidence be our guide. "

Will bring you more form the conference via statelite. Learning a little each day goes a long way.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Nurturing is vital !

Most of the time , we concentrate on making sure disadvantaged kids get food to eat , a place to stay , education and vocation. Although these are all important things, there is a great need for these kids to be nurtured as well.

For us to give them the best and the most that we can afford , we need  someone to nurture and guide them as they develop life skills and sustenance them to become mature individuals.

A child might have it all but lack love , care and concern. Someone to simply listen and pay attention to them , to love them , to hug them , to validate them. This is why we need volunteers to not only donate financially but to give the free gift of time and a listening ear.

When you spend time with another person, give them your whole attention and focus , you never know how much you can positively impact their life in those few minutes or hours. Providing communication, willingness to listen, compromise, and comfort in knowing that someone actually cares for them and that they are worthy.

There has been reports that shows supporting and encouraging "vulnerable" children  increases their positive self image and helps to avoid negative expectations and stereotypes of everyday life.

Thinking about more ways to help FOADAC kids and many like them around the globe is what I was thinking about today:)

If you have some other great ideas, please don't hesitate to add it to the comment box.


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