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Monday, November 6, 2017

Reparations , The fight continues !

There are orphans all over the globe who need help from  those of us without that same status.
We at FOADAC find that very necessary and important. As we live in the world things and times change constantly ,and to be useful , you will need to adjust to meet the recent functions.

 FOADAC is doing just that but not loosing focus of our mission, which is providing for those in need. Our work in the last couple of years has been mostly in the filed, identifying abandoned , disabled and orphaned kids.

Like I said in my last blog posting , HIV/AIDS is now manageable and many more people are living with the disease thus less orphaned kids from that sector. But the fact remains , the kids that were left behind , still need our help and support to achieve their goals and have a near normal existence. Reparations after a war or a health epidermic, takes years and for some it might event take a life time.

We need your support to continue the outreach work we started a few years ago. Please visit our website to see what we do and to support the cause in any small way. All are welcome, All are appreciated.

Many Blessings to you and Yours

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